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Open source is like the wild west ✨

It represents a completely open territory to explore and paint my ideas upon with no rules or regulations.
And after nearly 20 years of building hundreds of OSS projects, I'm finally ready to ask for support.
My name is Travis Fischer. 👋
I'm a software developer, entrepreneur, open source author, and anime fan.
I got my start in open source building games for the TI-89 back in 2002.
I'm currently exploring the Passion Economy and am excited about building products that will help enable a more independent and fulfilling future of work for developers.
I absolutely love to build. And that goes double for open source.
Most of my open source projects are focused on React, WebGL, TypeScript, computer graphics, web scraping, or video editing.
All of my code is freely accessible on GitHub. ❤️



  • react-notion-x
    • Fast and accurate React renderer for Notion
    • Used in production by thousands of websites
    • 2.2k stars

JavaScript / TypeScript

  • WebTorrent
    • ⚡️ Streaming torrent client for the web
    • 26.2k stars
    • (core contributor since 2013)
  • Saasify
    • "Shopify for SaaS"
    • Aimed at making it easier for indie devs to become entrepreneurs
    • 1.1k stars
  • puppeteer-lottie
    • Renders Lottie animations via Puppeteer to image, GIF, or MP4
    • 269 stars
  • ffmpeg-concat
    • Concats a list of videos together using ffmpeg with sexy OpenGL transitions
    • 591 stars


  • twitter-search
    • Instantly search across your entire Twitter history with a beautiful UI powered by Algolia
    • 322 stars


  • awesome-ffmpeg
    • 👻 A curated list of awesome FFmpeg resources
    • 729 stars

GitHub Sponsors

My goal with GitHub Sponsors is to spend more time maintaining the 100s of projects that I've written over the years and to continue developing new projects.
I feel very strongly about open source and would absolutely love to spend more of my time working on novel JS / TS projects that will help move the community forwards.
If yu don’t have the funds to sponsor, but you’d still like to support my work, then consider following me on twitter @transitive_bs
Thanks 🙏