Introducing Saasify
Introducing Saasify

Introducing Saasify

September 1, 2019
Hello World! 😄
For the past year, I've been trying to make it easier for OSS devs to earn sustainable funding.
I'm very proud to be working on Saasify, a platform which enables devs to monetize open source projects via serverless APIs. 😍
Our mission at Saasify is to provide sustainable funding for open source.
If you've ever struggled to make a living working on open source, I hear you.
OSS can be extremely powerful and rewarding, but there is a huge problem that exists in the market between how valuable open source is to every business in existence versus how difficult it is for OSS developers to capture any of that value.
Donation platforms like Patreon and GitHub Sponsors help with a very small percentage of this problem because the business model of voluntarily giving back to OSS is inherently weak.
Contrast this with the standard SaaS API business model of paying based on usage that aligns much more naturally with how businesses actually pay for software critical to their core business needs.
Saasify is aiming to bridge the gap between this disparity by reducing the barrier to entry for developers who are interested in earning passive income via SaaS.
Ahhh the joy of programming something you actually care about 💖
Ahhh the joy of programming something you actually care about 💖
On a personal level, I care deeply about the problem of OSS sustainability and am looking to connect with other devs who feel similarly. And while Saasify won't work for every project, it's my sincere hope that it will help other independent OSS developers like myself earn passive income.

How It Works

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Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Saasify && thanks for reading!