Left Pad as a Service

Left Pad as a Service

April 2, 2020
With this SaaS product, our team was so focused on simplicity that we almost forgot to add functionality.

Strings are awesome.
But sometimes you wish they were padded to the left.
And this type of thing can be really difficult.
So our team decided to put years of computer science research into releasing a revolutionary machine learning-based API that blends the latest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based string manipulation. We employed agile methodologies to ensure the highest quality assurance SLAs so all of our APIs synergize with the needs of our customers.
And at the end of the day, we call this amazing product Left Pad, brought to you just in time for April 1. 😄
A few notes:
  • This is a live product that's real kinda in that it actually works as advertised.
  • Any proceeds will be donated to open source projects on Open Collective.
Our team at Saasify makes it really easy to launch real SaaS products like this in minutes, though hopefully you'll put a little more effort into your unique value proposition 😂
We sincerely hope this product launch brings just a bit of much needed joy into the world during these stressful times.
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Check out https://saasify.sh to learn more.
Happy April Fools Day, folks! 😄