Social User / Prospect Mapping

Social User / Prospect Mapping

Given some bits of data about an entity (person or organization), enrich that entity with all of their associated accounts on different platforms.
Convert twitter or username ids ⇒ linkedin, spotify, etc and vice-versa
Kind of like a meta social graph

Key Questions

  • which platform are the most important ones to start with?
    • possibly twitter and linkedin?


  • Linkedin ⇒ twitter
  • LinkedIn ⇒ email


  • email
  • twitter
  • facebook
  • wechat
  • linkedin
  • spotify
  • github
  • reddit
  • producthunt
  • medium
  • salesforce
  • hubspot
  • etc


  • twitter, linkedin, fb, email, domain, name, etc



Competitive Analysis

  • Zoominfo
  • TODO


  • identity resolution
  • unified customer profiles
  • user fingerprinting
  • perceptual hashing for entities
    • e.g., given partial descriptions of two people or organizations, can we reliably tell if they're the same entity with the same accuracy that a human expert would be able to achieve?

Misc Ideas

  • Crawl spotify for their high quality lists of related ids
    • This data is possibly only available via their desktop app which is a higher barrier to entry but not a deal breaker