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tsc tends to be the bottleneck in modern TS toolchains. Native compilers like esbuild and swc are amazing, but they don’t perform type-checking, so you still need tsc as part of your build process. Would it be possible to speed up tsc by opaquely compiling it from a JIT’ed JavaScript program into some more optimal format like WASM or native?


  • This may not be worth the effort, but seeing as how quickly native compilers gained adoption within the TS ecosystem, a similar solution for replacing the type-checking and generation portions of tsc would have huge implications.


    • TypeScript-like language for WebAssembly
  • javy
    ShopifyUpdated Aug 5, 2023
    • JavaScript to WebAssembly toolchain
    • Run your JavaScript on WebAssembly. Javy takes your JavaScript code, and executes it in a WebAssembly embedded JavaScript runtime.